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solar street light-project cases

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solar street light-project cases

Technical parameters of Solar street light

Height: 6~11M, galvanized cone-shaped mast with coating finish on the surface (design according to requirements)

System voltage: DC12V/24V

Lighting sources: 18W~150W low-pressure sodium lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, halogen lamps, Xe lamps, pole-free lamps, energy-saving lamps, large-power LED, etc.

Daily service hours: 6~12 hours (design according to requirements).

Cloudy & rainy days: 5~8 days (design according to requirements).

Lighting effect: 60 Lm/W----159 Lm/W.

Illumination: 15 Lux---38 Lux (design according to requirements).

Wind resistance: 41.4m/s

Service temperature: -30°c----55°c.

Solar panel: mono/multi-crystal silicon high-efficiency cell with service life ≥25 years

Storage battery: valve-controlled sealed service-free colloid, silicon and lead-acid cells with service life ≥5 years

Controller: mutually complimentary intelligent controller with the function of over charge and over discharge, service life ≥5 years

Battery box: molded, fully sealed to prevent water, excellent heat preserving performance, service life ≥20years

Service life of lighting sources: 8000h------60000h


The above configuration is for reference only. The actual design shall be subject to the local natural resources and customers specific requirements.

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